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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 11/9/2007 12:04 PM

Show Grade: 9

Best match...Christian/Kaz...Gail Kim/Alexa ...closing segment with Hall/Nash 

Very good Impact tonight. Highlights were the Christian/Kaz match. Christian and Kaz both worked extremely well with each other and that worked good as the opener. TNA has really done a great job with this Kaz kid. Even when he was with Serontonin and that god awful Matt Bentley, you could see he was a star in the making.

I really liked the new girl Alexa. TNA seems serious about building a credible women's division and having Gail Kim leading the KnockOut division gives it credibility. 

A very intriguing story unfolding with the Roode sign girl and Ms. Brooks. Good to see TNA giving a buildup to an angle. 

I kinda like Bubba's and Devon's assault on the X Division. I cracked up when I saw the X SUX T-shirt that Bubba wore. 

One thing I missed seeing is Awesome Kong. Kong is AWESOME. Very original. We've seen other big women before on WWF shows but not with the talent and mobility of Kong. 

Seeing Roode and Storm teaming with Angle was a good move. TNA is doing a good job of using the rub to help their younger guys.

Now on to the rest of the show. I thought Scott Hall did much better than I expected. I had to laugh when he mentioned that he didn't get the memo about dying his hair. I thought that he also didn't get the memo about dressing up a little for the show either. Kevin Nash looked like a million bucks but Hall looked like he just got out of bed. But they did a pretty good job of reminiscing about their past. Hall said he wasn't Sting's who is? Good show. Genesis should be a good PPV. 

Cory Johnson
Baltimore, Maryland 


THE GOOD: 3 on 3 tag match in main event...THE BAD: Continuous Angle segments...THE UGLY: Scott Halls outfit, ugh!...SCHOOL LETTER: B...

St. Louis, MO


Sucked as usual. I think it was a better show when it was an hour long.


Where's LAX?  They win the best match of the freakin' PPV last month, and they're not on Genesis?  WTF?