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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 11/19/2007 10:25 AM
WWE Survivor Series kicked off with a great video package and an awesome opener. C.M Punk, Miz, and Morrison impressed me a lot with this match. All 3 looked as if they had something to prove (in Morrison's case, maybe he did). I was not at all against Punk's win here, since it was the right call to make. M.V.P improves on the mic and in the ring every time I see him. I skipped the Divas match and the tag title match (though that was an impressive finisher from Murdoch on Rhodes) as I was busy and choose these 2 matches and the Hornswoggle/Khali match to do my errands. Triple H was as always good on the mic, I like how they used references from the past like the Katie Vick Angle.

I really enjoyed the Elimination match, as they gave it time to tell a story. J.R sold how it took two men to eliminate BDV. Triple H came out unselfish by giving Jeff Hardy the pinfall at the ending, which set up future matches with Umaga and Jeff and still could continue the H / Umaga feud. Shawn had another great match and pulled another good one out of Orton. The only complaint I had was that, I know its just a move but I think it was too soon to pull out the Crossface as it still brought memories to me of a certain wrestler. Besides that it was a great match from start to finish and the ending leaves open for another match as I really don't see no other challenger for Orton beside Triple H down the road. Jericho will be..... I mean the code will be broken for Save.US.X whatever the rest is will be revealed on RAW. Edge still hasn't returned, so it looks like it might be in the main event. Undertaker and Batista had another solid bout, though not as good as Orton and Shawn. Edge showed up in this match which was not shocking at all. But it was good to see my favorite wrestler back in action. Best matches on the show IMO were ECW 3 way, Elimination match and the Orton/Shawn title match.

Alexander Tejeda
Brooklyn, NY


What a joke this years Survivor Series turned out to be. After all the build up over the last few weeks we get this crap. Way to go Vince

1st.Ecw championship match - Punk wins in a decent bout but what about some fighting between the tag champs over pins being broken up or missed spots, nice way to build to a feud between the Miz and Morrison when last over the past few Tuesday nights they both have been trying to out do each other.

2nd.Women's match - straight up bowling shoe ugly and heck it seemed to me that not every diva wrestled, best part was Melina falling off ring apron during entrance and Mickie's kiss of death

3rd. Tag title match - again wasn't Cade and Murdoch supposed to be having problems w/each other over the last few weeks do to Mickie James why not build on it during this important tag title defense by the champs.

4th.The traditional 5 on 5 elimination match ok so Matt Hardy is out selling the injuries he got Friday so why not make an announcement on Smackdown [after Matt is injured] and on that due to his injuries Triple H's team has until Sunday night to come up with a replacement partner for the match instead we get a 4 on 5 match and you just knew who was going to win the underdogs...come on where was Ric Flair or any decent sub to fill in.

5th.Hornswaggle v.Khali - what a joke no comment other then Finlay saving the little guy so who is the good guy/bad guy in this new feud between Finlay/Khali and the McMahons where was Steph and Linda to help Horny...

6th.Shawn v. Orton - why didn't they do some sort of crazy screw job ending here to at least make it more interesting yes great wrestling but come on when Shawn was owning the match and had Orton just about tapping quite often and then he gets the win with 1 RKO yet when we have watched Shawn's past matches he has taken much worse and still came out better. Nice ending with the superkick.

7th.HIAC Batista v. Taker great match but we all knew Edge was returning and the writing was on the wall he was going to do something to cost either of the guys the match but why Taker and why did Michael Cole act all surprised his stupid acting made the match not as good as it could have been

All in all the WWE writers must be on strike cause we saw garbage here all night...Hopefully Armageddon will be better...Next yr. go back to having more elimination matches w/1 or 2 title matches.... 

Jason Ouimette
Syracuse, NY


The stuff I didn't want to watch was short, the stuff I did was long.  The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I knew the main event wasn't going to end until Edge showed up.  Otherwise, a good show, probably the first top to bottom show I've enjoyed since the Rumble.