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By Buck Woodward on 12/3/2007 10:24 AM
I was really entertained by the whole show. I was surprised how much they hyped the undercard on the pre-show, making a lot of the matches seem important.

The tables match was a decent opener, typical tables match, typical 3D, everyone worked hard.

Honestly, I took a bathroom break during the Knockouts tag match, but what I saw of it wasn't bad. Guess they had to fill some time.

Eric Young is the unsung hero in the company, I'm glad he's getting pushed. He never fails to entertain me, good match with Storm. Not great, but good.

The Feast or Fired match was better than I was expecting. I like how BG James reacted when he realized he might get fired. I thought that Chris Harris was going to get tricked into winning a case, getting him fired on Impact to keep the "I'm getting screwed" storyline. I'm interested to see where this will go. It was a pretty good match, except I think TNA tries too hard to come up with reasons to throw as many guys on a show as they can.

Kim vs. Kong was one of the best women's matches I have ever seen. They did a great job of building it up and pulling it off. This could turn out to be quite the feud. I'm glad TNA is putting it's women division out there and trying to get the fans interested in it. Kong is scary, but in a good way. Great match!

Black Reign gave away during his promo that Raven was the replacement for Rhino. Oops. I like Abyss a lot, but like Mike Johnson said in his PPV report, same old same old. I wish they would push Abyss more as a title contender. I would love to see him and Joe go at it, it would be a great big man match.

Cage/Roode vs. Booker/Kaz was pretty good. Booker is looking pretty good, and still like he's thrilled to death to be in TNA. I like the continuing on the Style/Cage storyline, too. I was surprised that Christian didn't try to interject himself in the main event.

The main event wasn't a bad match, but it was hard to follow that AWESOME promo Joe gave. And, thank you God, ERIC YOUNG IS GOING TO GET PUSHED!!! I am very interested in seeing where this goes from here. It was a pretty decent match, though, Nash even worked pretty hard. I can hardly wait for Thursday.



I honestly think the PPPV was lacking the entertainment value besides Dustin's rat guy gimmick which is very funny and my 5 year old nephew loves him and calls him "rat guy" cause he licks Misty the rat. Ok, now the main event was unreal how they let Joe give the speech it was a shocker and where the hell is Hall?  It would have been a good time for Vince Russo to come out on camera. It lacked the title matches and I was looking for Sabu as the partner for Abyss. Oh well, same old boring Raven.  Also how they did not open the cases was pure bull. 



Overall I thought Turning Point continued the trek of great PPVs provided by TNA. I can not recall a single match that I didn't like and thought all of the workers put on a great show. Major props to Gail Kim, Awesome Kong and the rest of the TNA Knockouts for showing us what women's wrestling should be and for keeping this fan interested.

Now the highlight of the show was without a doubt the beginning moments of the main event and what a main event it was. And no I'm not talking about the 6-Man tag match featuring Angle, Styles and Tomko against Nash, Joe and Hal..........I mean EY Eric Young *more on that in a minute*. What I am referencing is the honest truth and one of THE BEST DAMN SHOOTS I have ever heard. To be honest, I was not looking forward to TNA bringing in Scott Hall and letting Kevin Nash get back in the ring, but when they announced Joe being in the match, I was all for it. Then something happened. Scott Hall no showed and we got a one of the best Samoa Joe promos I have ever heard, telling us what is wrong with TNA. Yes, you read that, Samoa Joe with a live mic on PPV ripping what is wrong with TNA. To sum it all up, Joe stated that he was tired of the "big name" superstars coming in and half assing matches and robbing the TNA Diehards (Lethal, MCMG, Petey Williams, etc..) of what is theirs. He said since Hall was a punk and no showed, be brought his own partner and brought out Eric Young. Whether you like him or not, Eric Young not only wrestled twice, but got to show that he will not let you down when you need him. He showed that you don't need "big name " superstars or legends to be in your main events. Whether this was a Real SHOOT or a Joey Styles ripping WWE on Raw last year Shoot, it made for Damn good television and I will surely be tuning in this Thursday to see the aftermath. If this SHOOT promo was all planned, TNA, I personally think you did the right thing by publicly acknowledging your mistakes and you are on the right track to breaking through the glass ceiling. If this was infact a real SHOOT, then you are sitting on a gold mine with Samoa Joe and I beg you, DO NOT DROP THE BALL!!!!!! If you missed it, I would suggest paying your money to see the replay. Not only was it a great PPV, but the Samoa Joe promo had to be one of the greatest moments not only in the history of TNA, but professional wrestling as well.

Dallas, Texas


THE GOOD: Samoa Joe's promo, I'm thinking a 'work shoot' promo, but if it was a legit shoot promo, WOW! What a way to end 2007 for TNA PPVs...THE BAD: Scott Hall no showing. I'm hoping there was nothing tragic for him to miss the PPV, don't think that's the case. If its the cause of drinking/drugs, CNN will be all over it...THE UGLY: Kip James, seriously, do you have Torrie Wilson's wardrobe designer?...THE RATING: 7 out of 10... 

"Mr. TNA" Nathan, St Louis, Missouri


This is without a doubt one of the top 3 WORST shows I’ve ever sat through.