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By Buck Woodward on 12/4/2007 12:13 PM

THE GOOD: Mr. Kennedy's promo with HBK's past opponents spoof...THE BAD: Hulk Hogan on RAW next week? The card subject to change thing is such a cheap way to get out of false advertising...THE UGLY: Snitzky needs an OXY 10 shower. I swear I saw the big dipper pattern...THE RATING: Seeing some nostalgia with the APA helped making it a 7 out of 10 show...

"Mr. TNA" Nathan, 
St Louis, Missouri.


I thought RAW was really good...

The best part was when Kennedy said to fake Razor "Thanks for showing up, by the way"

The only part I didn't like was when Vince and Coach were talking and listing off who was going to be at next weeks show...there was no crowd noise, and I wasn't sure right away if he said Hogan was going to be there, and I don't recall too much mention of Hogan being there. Same applies for Steph and Vince's scene...the Al Snow crack was good, and would have gotten a good laugh. But I realize at the end for the drama, no crowd noise was good. For the Hogan and Foley and Austin announcement, the crowd should have been heard and JR and King should have went nuts, I guess.

South Suburbs of Chicago


The lack of fan reaction for Y2J is scary. I think maybe it's because WWE is not booking his return as a "big deal." He should not have been put in a title picture this early on either. But anyway, he is still great in the ring and the match with Umaga was good for what it was. And Randy Orton looked more worried about facing Shawn Michaels than he did when Jericho debuted and challenged him! Again, either bad booking or horrible acting by Orton.

Can't wait to see Hardy/HHH. This is going to be the ultimate moment of truth for Jeff Hardy's career no doubt. I like the way they are setting this up and putting the title shot for the Royal Rumble on the line definitely makes it mean something to the fans other than just putting two babyfaces against each other.

The whole bit with Kennedy and the imposters from Shawn's past was just a boring, pointless drag. They could've came up with a better way for Kennedy to get under Shawn's skin.

The main event was a pretty decent match, even though the ending was going to be predictable. And I didn't get the point of ending the show with Vince and Stephanie the way they did. I mean Stephanie warning Vince about not showing up next week because they will be a lot of old faces there that hate him? If the guy can survive a limo explosion, I think he will be just fine next week.

Overall Raw gets a 6/10 for me since most of the show had to promote a PPV and a the 15th anniversary show.


Since Dave won't let me use naughty language on the site, every curse word in this report will be replaced by the word EINSTEIN.

What EINSTEIN decided to have another opening promo featuring Randy Orton on the stick? I can answer this one because it is the same EINSTEIN that put the belt on Mr. EINSTEIN in the first place. What EINSTEIN decided to have Beth Phoenix no sell any offense and then destroy the number one contender to her title? What EINSTEIN decided that William Regal was going to convince Triple EINSTEIN that Jeff Hardy wasn't his buddy? What EINSTEIN decided that I wanted to see SnitskySTEIN wrestle, much less give a promo? What EINSTEIN decided that Orton's interference warranted a DQ but Kennedy's warranted a countout? What EINSTEIN decided that CoachSTEIN and CarlitoSTEIN were going to be fodder for the APA?

Possibly the worst ever edition of RAW, and you didn't need to be EINSTEIN to see that.

Philip Jacobs
Proud Elite Member
Baton Rouge


That's the best you can do with two hours. Glad I taped it first. This show is BORING. Not even Jericho's return has made this show interesting.


Way to follow up on the Flair angle from last week.

Maybe it was just the crowd from last night but...Jericho was not over. Maybe it's because he has to work with Orton.

Overall so-so show.

Atlanta, GA