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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 12/11/2007 11:05 AM

They must have brought back the old writers or at least the old system. Considering the wrestling minds they had at their disposal they must have pooled the ideas like in the attitude era and came up with a solid show from top to bottom.

The matches were good and characters were used as they should be. Hulk Hogan vs. Khali could actually be the Wrestlemania sleeper. Triple H and DX pretty much destroyed any chances Marty Jannetty had of "getting on the map" but for the most part the cameo appearances were right on the money. The best Raw in a very long time.

Nathan Burns
Cheticamp Nova Scotia


I enjoyed the whole show (WOW does Sunny look good!) except one part, the joke Vince made about having sex with Mae Young at Fabulous Moolah's funeral... just too soon. Besides that, and maybe Jericho's rap or rhyme or whatever the hell that was (isn't he supposed to be Saving us from terrible s*!t like this) the show was great. All solid matches and great interviews


In the 'Funny Moments' flashback the last person to speak, besides Mr. McMahon muttering "Mr Socko" at the very end, was Owen Hart celebrating becoming a 2-time Slammy award winner. I thought that was a nice touch, especially since I just finished Bret's autobiography. Quite possibly my favorite moment of the whole show.



I really enjoyed RAW's 15th anniversary show. It was a nice treat for those who have been fans of RAW over the years and seeing former stars again like the lovely Sunny! In my opinion the ladder match was really good hopefully Carlito can get back on track after this match instead of more horrible Looney Toon segments. Overall an excellent show and one can only wish ("wish" the keyword) that maybe creative was watching the greatest RAW moments recaps that made really entertaining TV and apply that to the current product.

Morgan Hill, CA


I must admit, I watched WWE from 1987-1992 then mainly watched WCW until 2001, but I really liked this episode of Raw.

-I am happy they showed respect to Lita after how horrible they treated her exit...she deserves better.

-Hulk Hogan: Still getting the monster pop and always will.

-Is it just me or are Jericho's promos not connecting with the crowd.

-It was great to see RVD again, though I was shocked his match was so short. I hope he goes to TNA.

-Hopefully Raw can stay strong and here's to hoping HHH stops his "inside" jokes...we get it, you are with Steph.

Steve, NJ



Negative: Man so does HHH just sit in the creative and call all his spots. He is in the opener...Then top of the hour with Evolution...then buts in again with DX..then leads everybody out at the end. The problem with Hunter is he is trying to hard to be a Legacy. He wants to be a legacy but will never be. He is not in the elite, he is very lucky, his wrestling skills aren't that great. Just because you marry a bosses daughter doesn't mean you're the boss. Every time I see the guy on TV I take a deep breath shake my head a switch the channel. I mean he really thinks he is the king of kings. His pops are mediocre he pushes the crowd to keep the pop going. I mean someone backstage needs to step up to this guy and tell him your not that great. I don't know there's more to wrestling then HHH.....