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By Readers on 1/21/2008 7:48 AM
Awesome, awesome show again last night, as has been the norm with them since they debuted. I really think it's only a small amount of time before that company blows up and becomes a modern day ECW. Between the top to bottom great PPVs and at half the cost of a WWE or TNA show it's well worth the monthly purchase. I look forward to them now more than any other wrestling show or PPV on TV. The brainbuster from Aries to Strong through the table and to the floor was the sickest bump I've seen since Mysterio and Sabu went through their table at ONS a couple of years ago. I wish ROH nothing but the best and thank them for providing a TRUE alternative to "sports entertainment." TNA used to provide that for me, but has since slipped into the dopey WWE skits/vignettes that for awhile they were famous for not doing.
Gregg L.
East Meadow, Long Island

I liked how ROH had the story of keeping the Briscoes and AOTF out of the same building, and kept to the story during the McGuinness celebration by them not being in the ring.  The Aries-Strong match was...well, strong is the only word I can think of using.  I don't know how Roderick escaped that brainbuster through the table without breaking his neck.  And the rest of the show had just the right balance as far as matches, and proof that you don't need a bunch of ga-ga to further storylines.  Just get to the point and transition the confrontation into a match.  The countdown until March is now on. 

John S.
West Valley, Utah


I watched it this morning, and I loved it.
ROH is 4 for 4!
I loved the opener with AOTF vs Vulture Squad. Really entertaining match.
 Aries & Strong was my favorite match of the show. That Brainbuster was SICK!!!
Nigel/Morishima was a lot of fun to watch.  I highly recommend the show to everyone

Chicago, IL


I'm suprised at the lack of Briscoes/NRC hype, I really liked this match. I'll need to watch it again, but nobody is really saying anything about it in their reviews other than, it was ok, or I didn't like it.

Nigel/Shima was just weird, but the pop was their for the title change. I just hate the rebound lariat. Just fn' bounce off the ropes and do the lariat.
Sweeney and the gang go to the limo before the first match, and are back less than 10 mins. later?
Two hours I actually didn't mind spending on wrestling, and that I would again, which is more than I can say for like every other company.

Ben T.
Jonesboro, Georgia