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By Readers on 2/18/2008 11:08 AM
I felt it was a really fun show tonight, a thumbs up from me. The Big Show-Mayweather deal was great and had a very "legit" unpredictable feel to it. That should be a money program, with some great promos to boot.

The ECW and Flair matches were nothing special, but passable. The Smackdown Chamber got off to a slow start, but they got the big lugs out of their early and the last 20 minutes were really good.

I really liked the WWE title match and felt that it was one of the few times where it's proper to do the DQ finish, I'm not a huge Orton fan but felt he did a lot of really good subtle heel things during the match.

Raw's Chamber match was awesome, HBK bumped and bladed like crazy, Umaga was awesome messing people up as usual (that double Samoan drop was excellent), Jericho looked strong and JBL had a fitting exit for his heel character. I was pretty positive Triple H was winning seeing how Jeff probably would have won at the rumble if he was headlining Mania and when Cena decided to take his title shot at NWO, the first thought through my mind was that they were doing a triple threat with him and Triple H. I was worried about how Hardy would look coming out, but he still looked great and I was very happy that he got to kick out of the pedigree. Winning MITB at Wrestlemania is the only logical next step for him in my eyes.

Brian B.
Concord, NH


I thought No Way Out was a really good show. It had a big show feel to it. All of this of course until the RAW elimination chamber. I knew that Triple Ass was going to win the elimination chamber because we have never seen him in a title match at Wrestlemania much less facing Orton or Cena...OH WAIT Its the same crap over and over again. Is it a rule that Cena or Triple Ass must be in the WWE title match at mania??? Its a shame how they have wasted an opportunity with Jeff Hardy AGAIN. The message is clear Triple Ass gets what he wants And WWE fears change. Its funny how WWE jumps on every opportunity to tell us how bad politics were WCW, that young talent never got over because the top guys wouldn't allow it. Similarities? Yes. WWE sucks and Triple Ass sucks too.



(9.0): Best Match: Smackdown Elimination Chamber. Worst Match: Edge vs. Rey Mysterio. Coming into this PPV I was uncertain if I was going to order it. Boy am I glad that I did! Truly a phenomenal PPV top to bottom. The opening match was a solid matchup and it was funny to see the crowd turn on C.M. Punk. The Smackdown Elimination Chamber was fantastic thanks to Batista and especially the Undertaker busting his ass. Mr. Kennedy and Ric Flair was a solid match. Kennedy showed a lot of passion and real heel tendencies mocking the hell out of Flair. Edge vs Mysterio was good for what it was Rey gutted it out and should be commended. What followed was a truly wonderful angle that had me popping like I haven't pop in awhile for an angle! Floyd Mayweather played his part better than Tyson ever did showing real emotion. Orton vs. Cena was a very good match as well. Both guys played their part perfectly. The finish made sense it kept heat for both guys. The main event was very good. Umaga showed a lot of fire, HBK bled hard and Y2J was crisp. The two guys who showed the least in this match were Triple H and JBL and ironically it was Triple H that won. It really angers me that the guy who is the most over in the WWE is simply not pushed into the upper echelon. I didn't hear any Triple H chants tonight. I didn't hear any HBK chants. No Y2J. I heard Hardy. I guess when you are providing future generation McMahons you can have your way, no matter how drawn out and boring your act is. I guess I get to listen to eight weeks of drawn out, boring groaning promos about the King of Kings and weekly sledgehammer appearances. It's so original! It's SO WWE!

Chris Glavin. 
PWInsider Subscriber. 
Philadelphia, PA


Overall I thought this was one of the better PPVs in recent time.

I look forward to seeing more of the feud between C.M. Punk and Chavo. I was pleased that Chave retained the title tonight. I thought this was a solid offering from two fine performers and I enjoy how they are able to tell their story.

Smackdown elimination chamber really had no surprises but I thought it was done very well. I would love to see Finlay get a legit shot at the World Heavyweight Title but am nonetheless pleased that Undertaker is going to main event Wrestlemania for a second straight year. I think UT and Edge have great chemistry and will have a fantastic match at Wrestlemania. Edge is one of these guys that I can't dislike. I think he is vastly talented and has charisma and I look forward to seeing Edge main event for a long time to come.

Thrilled to se Ric Flair defeat Mr. Kennedy with the figure four. We all know Kennedy will be a major player in the WWE for years to come provided he stays healthy and clean but it's great to see him pay his dues and do the job to the Nature Boy. Disappointed in how Flair is being booked. I've watched Ric Flair for the past 30 years and no one has ever been better than he. Would love to see Ric get one last title run.

World Title Match - I may be in the minority but I do not like Mysterio at all and I don't think he has any business being the World Champion. This was not the best match but perhaps that is because Mysterio is injuried. I love when Edge can catch someone in midair with the spear to finish the match.

Great to see the Big Show back in the WWE. How awesome and amazing that he has lost 108 pounds. That, to me, is something to be celebrated in and of itself. I would have to believe that Big Show is a role model to everyone who wants to or who is trying to lose weight and get healthy.

If they were trying to make me dislike Big Show it didn't work. I don't know if the deal with Mayweather was a work or not but it sure looked like Big Show got a broken nose out of the deal when he could probably easily destroyed the champ.

WWE Championship: In my opinion a title match should never end in a countout or DQ on PPV. I would rather have seen Cena lost clean to Orton that for a DQ to happen the way it did. Sure I understand it keeps the storyline going but I was hoping for one on one Triple H vs Cena at WM.

Raw Elimination Chamber - no surprise here either and thankfully so. Triple H is back in the main event at WM.

Canton, OH


I actually overall enjoyed the show. The Main Event was awesome even with Triple H winning. Flair match was to short yet still good. I actually liked the way Randy Orton v. John Cena ended. I know I may be the minority on that but it keeps the belt off of Cena and Orton is that slimy heel that will do whatever it takes to keep the title. CM Punk should turn heel and be mad as hell.

Great site guys.

Dan Noelke, 
Fort Pierce, FL


I can't say I'm surprised by the results of either of the chambers.

But, it does go on to prove that politics is alive and well.

Hunter is clearly the new Dusty Rhodes. You know, the guy with all the stroke behind the scenes that does just the right thing at just the right time to insure that he stays either the top face or top heel (whatever he happens to be at the time).

Hardy has been on fire. But, losing to Orton at the Rumble and to Hunter here effectively ends his big push, and Hunter main eventing moves him right back up to the top spot.

On the other side... the Undertaker winning makes sense. He was the biggest name in the cell and you had to know that sooner or later he and Edge were going to meet at WrestleMania.

This is where we go back to the politics part. The fact that Edge could, realistically, be the man to end the Undertaker's unbeaten streak at Mania, quite frankly, makes me want to vomit. I realize a lot of people who write these columns are sold on Edge. But, you're pretty much the only ones. I'm sorry, but the guy is simply not that talented. Guys with better in-ring s{blocked}s are a dime a dozen. And, if you can be shown up by CM Punk in a face to face interview, that can't be saying much for your mic s{blocked}s either. An Edge/Orton double feature as champions has, quite frankly, been a wrestling fan's worst nightmare. But, I really won't be surprised if Edge beats Taker.

After all, just as HHH is clearly the new Dusty, Edge is clearly the new Hogan. You know... the guy with all the stroke behind the scenes that has no real talent but still manages to get those who are far better than he to line up and sacrifice their images to get him over.