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By Adam Cardoza on 3/20/2021 8:03 PM

Fight 11: Tomasz “Sergiej” Pachulski vs Jakub “Dudzio” Dudczyk (Quarter-Finals)

Coin Toss Winner: Sergiej

Round 1: Sergiej is reaching over the table. He hits flush on the wall of the face of Dudzio. Dudzio has some awful bruising on his neck after the last fight. Dudzio winds up and cracks Sergiej, who stumbles back and has to use the table for support to clear the cobwebs. Dudzio MOVED that man. Sergiej tries to compose himself but he says his head is spinning and submits.

Winner: Jakub “Dudzio” Dudczyk

Considering how much Sergiej DIDN’T move in his last matchup, this was super impressive from Dudzio. Sergiej tells the interviewer he got rocked and was just like, NOPE. Yeah, I get that.  

Fight 12: Jakub “Hecman” Rygiel vs David “Zales” Zalewski (Quarter-Finals)

Coin Toss Winner: Hecman

Round 1: Hecman fires himself up. He measures about....7 times before firing his slap. Zales staggers a little but he looks unphased. Hecman does his stupid Wolverine face....Zales measures....Zales knocks the cotton out of his head but Hecman is okay and RAAAAAAAAH’S his way around the stage.

Round 2: Hecman hits clean but Zales barely moves on that. Zales walks it off for a moment while he prepares to break this kid. Zales knocks him backwards but Hecman says it was NOTHING. He walks it off and says the hit was too high on the ear. This looks like more showboating than an actual problem.

Round 3: Hecman preps the shot again but he looks a little more shook. About 6 test swings and then the final one glances off. Hecman is complaining that Zales is gonna hit him in the temple “again”. The ref says “stop turning your head”. Zales measures up and cracks Hecman, he staggers hard and is immediately led off the stage. 

Winner: David “Zales” Zalewski (by KO? Submission? Decision? I think it was all of them.)

Zales ate those slaps like chips. Hecman broke after that second shot. Props for taking the final one but he probably should have realized he didn’t WANT that last slap. Zales is looking SO dominant here (in the exact way that Vasily is NOT).

We’re taking a break from the tournament action to have one of our special attraction main events. We get another appearance from DCH to call out everyone. DCH wanted to make the trip for this tournament but Covid concerns kept him stateside. DCH is talking so much game right now, I hope he can back it up when he can test himself on the world stage. 

Fight 13: Monika “Esmarelda” Godlewska vs. Anastasiya Yandaltsava

Coin Toss Winner: Esmerelda

Round 1: Esmerelda powders up. Anastasiya puts her hands behind her back and waits with her eyes closed. Anastasiya gets smacked backwards but she’s up and ready for her shot. Anastasiya winds up....she gets her right on the jaw but her arm position didn’t carry enough force to do more than turn Esmerelda’s head.

Round 2: Esmerelda staggers her again. Anastasiya needs to open her eyes for this. Anastasiya doesn’t measure and just cracks Esmerelda. This was a better hit but really only moves the head. 

Round 3: Esmerelda wants to finish her opponent in this last round. Anastasiya gets wobbled again but she’s smiling. Anastasiyatakes her last shot...Another slap that moves the face but Esmerelda isn’t fazed.

Winner: Monika “Esmarelda” Godlewska

They give Esmerelda a gold cup for her victory and Anastasiya a silver cup for coming in second. Uhhhhh...They fought across a small pink table. Esmerelda & Anastasiya kiss after the match and after the cup presentation. The announcer could have been a little LESS creepy about encouraging more of this. The replay hits this moment again. Props to the ladies for participating in the first women’s slapfight, taking it seriously, and to Anastasiya in particular for not flinching in the face of a much more powerful opponent...unlike some of her male counterparts...but this particular presentation has some REALLY cringe-worthy aspects.

Fight 14: Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky vs Artur “Walus” Walczak (Semi-Finals)

Coin Toss Winner: Dumpling

Round 1: Dumpling swings and hits harrrrrrrrd. Walus staggers and bounces off his cornermen but he took that paintbrush. Walus measures up and smacks Dumpling. It’s very high, and hits Vasily flush on the ear. It was hard but everyone sees the foul. 

Round 2: Walus’ face is swollen and he;s having trouble keeping his mouth guard in. Dumpling hits clean and staggers Walus again. People in the room are chanting for their countryman in Walus. Walus lines up the shot but Dumpling lifts his shoulder slightly which messes up Walus’ shot. The ref catch this though.

Round 3: Dumpling steps back up to the table, he’s clearly able to make this range. The ref is giving both guy’s flak for holding his chin so close to the chest. Dumpling swings again and Walus stumbles slightly but he’s good. Walus steps up...Dumpling keeps his chin low and Walus clubs him in the head with the heel of his hand. Dumpling is okay but I smell another DQ coming.... 

Winner: Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky (by DQ)

Vasily was focused here. He needed a CLEAN and DECISIVE win. He didn’t get it. The judges say it was even through the first two rounds but the errant hit from Walus at the end cost him the victory. Walus says he doesn’t agree with the judge’s decision because Dumpling was lifting his shoulder causing the high hit....and he thinks Zales will take the whole thing. 

Fight 15: Jakub “Dudzio” Dudczyk vs David “Zales” Zalewski (Semi-Finals)

Coin Toss Winner: Dudzio

Round 1: Dudzio hits clean and Zales hops a little on the impact. He’s tucking his chin like Dumpling does. Zales winds up....pops him solid and Dudzio staggers. 

Round 2: Dudzio back to the table and his slap bounces right off the wall of Zales’ chin. Zales winds back and hits SOLID. Dudzio staggers back and is caught. He catches his breath on the table but decides he cannot continue. Zales advances!

Winner: David “Zales” Zalewski (by submission)

And just like that, we have the final round that the promotion clearly wanted. I watch a LOT of I have my full Frye face on here while I think about how these two got here. SlapStrike might be feeling some PRIDE in their tournament tonight...

Fight 16: PiotrI “Bonus BGC” Witczak vs. BodyChrist

Coin Toss Winner: Bonus BCG

Round 1: Loud crack on the first hit but BC just eats it. BC slaps but there’s not much behind it. 

Round 2: Bonus BCG winds back for another shot. Good paintbrush across the front but BC just eats it again. BC powders up and measures several times. He hits but there’s not a lot of power again. 

Round 3: Bonus BCG with another loud crack across the face but BC takes it without much damage. BC lands about shot. There’s more power this time but Bonus BCG barely registers it. 

Winner: PiotrI “Bonus BGC” Witczak

Striker and Vampiro say these two have a personal grudge that apparently has been going for years. BC stepped in for Bonus BCG’s original opponent, who had to withdraw today. They give Bonus BCG a gold cup. I know this was supposed to have some drama but I think you had to know Polish pop culture to understand the drama here. BTW, Body Christ didn’t get a silver cup. Just noting that. As for Bonus BCG, this is his first win in a professional combat sport, after going 0-4 in professional MMA (according to Sherdog). They hug it out after. The grudge is over?

Here we go. Main Event Tournament Finals Time! They line up all the tournament participants on stage one last time for a round of applause. DCH is back to watch Dumpling and Zales go to war.

Fight 17: David “Zales” Zalewski vs Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky (World Championship Tournament Finals)

Coin Toss Winner: Dumpling

Round 1: Dumpling looks impassive as he lands a good shot and staggers Zales. This is on par with how Zales has reacted to the first shot right along. Zales readies. Zales swings and his hand bounces off Dumpling’s stone face, who barely moves after that shot. It’s worth noting both these guys are doing the aggressive chin tuck to receive their shots. 

Round 2: Dumpling wants a slappercut and staggers Zales massively with it. Zales stumbles back several steps and has to take the walk about to clear his head. Zales winds up and doesn’t measure too much and there’s not as much power behind it. Dumpling eats it easily and barely moves. 

Round 3: Dumpling swings from the bottom again (to adjust for that chin tuck) and Zales staggers back and bounces off his cornermen. Zales is still good to go and we go to Zales’ final slap. Zales winds up and hits Dumpling HARD. Dumpling rocks back and needs the table to stabilize. He got roooooocked here but he’s still up and good to go.

The judges announce that we’re going to have a 4th round!

Round 4: Zales is going first. Dumpling was ready for it this time and eats the shot. Dumpling is taking his time over the table to recover and focus for the final shot. Dumpling looks like he doesn’t want another one of those slaps every again. Dumpling winds up for his final strike.....Zales’ chin is tucked....Dumpling swings and Zales steps back and shrugs off the shot. 

The judges are debating in the background. They take some time....but decide we’re going ANOTHER ROUND. 

Round 5: Dumpling fires first. Zales staggers back, takes out his mouthpiece and says Dumpling hit him in the eye. Zales was tucking his chin deep so this isn’t surprising. Zales readies to slap...he fakes and Dumpling flinches noticeably. The ref tells him to go for real but Dumpling flinches again. Zales throws a real one and Dumpling staggers back and bounces off his cornermen. Oh noooooo....

Winner (and new champion): David “Zales” Zalewski

This was the Russia vs Poland match that SlapStrike wanted to setup today. The most well-known slapfighter vs their homegrown powerhouse.  They wanted a definitive finish to the finals and Dumpling’s epic flinch was the dramatic moment they earned here.

And that’s it for “The War From Warsaw”. At nearly 5 hours of run time, we hit Wrestlemania levels of length (especially with the false start/extra hour at 2pm). In future shows, they REALLY need to minimize downtime between matches. The action itself was a good watch as we got it. There were some SUPER cringe-worthy moments in the rap battle and overall presentation of the women’s matchup. And again, I watch a lot of wrestling...this tournament was well booked with Vasily as the heel (even if he didn’t play the role up apart from just being from Russia). The final round SHOULD have gone to Dumpling if they went to a decision after 3 rounds like every other fight (I would have given it to him after the 4th round too) but they needed their moment and went into double OT. Was this a work or a shoot? Maybe a little of both. Maybe this was a screw job on the Dumpling from the start? Who knows. I’m definitely interested to see what happens when Da Crazy Hawaiian enters the mix. Until next time!

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